Complete guide to sailing around Malta

What better way to see an island paradise than by sailing from port to port and anchoring in crystal clear waters? Whether you choose to sail your own boat, hire a boat or splash out on a cruise, getting around Malta on the water could not be easier, or a more immersive experience.

With 300 days of sun on average, it would be quite tricky to find yourself in a spot of bad weather when sailing around the islands of Malta. It is advised that the peak sailing season is from April to October when temperatures are mild and the winds are calm.

In between Malta and Gozo lies Comino Island, and on the west coast, they have a great 2-for-1 lagoon deal! Blue Lagoon and Crystal Lagoon are a short sail away from each other, showcasing as they both imply, crystal blue waters for swimming, snorkelling, or a great spot to anchor and enjoy the views. Due to being so stunning though, they can get quite busy, so be sure to get in early to enjoy some peace whilst you can!

Sailing around malta azure window

Known for its dramatic coastal formations including Fungus Rock, the famous Azure window (which has now collapsed but is still a frequently visited site amongst tourists) and the Blue Hole, Dwejra Bay is a must-see spectacle on your sailing adventure. As you move towards the west coast of Gozo, if equipped with scuba gear, take a dive in and around the Blue Hole – a rock pool and underwater limestone cave. It is dubbed to be one of the top scuba sites, and also very worth swimming around too if not diving.

Sailing around Malta St. Peters pool

To the south of Malta is St Peter’s Pool, tucked away in its own nook, exhibiting jaw-dropping cliff formations which you can indeed leap off. Not far from here, you will find the Blue Grotto too – a multitude of sea caves, creating different colour combinations around the waters and cliffs. Both locations are very popular with tourists, but both are very much worth the time!

Sailing around Malta Mediterranean sunset

Highly rated amongst locals and tourists is accessible from anywhere on the island, simply find a spot to anchor your boat in the evening and enjoy watching the Mediterranean sunset. Whether from a dock or anchored in the sea, there is much to love about watching the sunset after a glorious day of exploring. Kick back and let the gratitude flow (best enjoyed with good company and your favourite drink)!

Whether you do opt for a cruise, your guide will know the best places to visit in your time frame, but if going independently of an organisation, be sure to check out some of these top places to visit, so wherever you choose to start your journey around the islands, you won’t be far from the closest stunning natural sight of Malta. Do be sure to pack a fishing rod too to sample the freshest seafood you could ever have!

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