3 Reasons to visit Malta’s Grand Harbor

From festivals and concerts for the socialites, world-class food and drink for the connoisseurs and rich historical landmarks for the inquisitive, the Grand Harbour of Malta has something for everyone. Abutting Malta’s capital city Valetta, the natural harbour has welcomed much shipping traffic, once making it the economic and military hub of the islands. Now, a destination worthy of admiration from both tourists and locals, let’s dive into the top 3 reasons we believe The Grand Harbour is worth exploring.

Let the festivities begin!

3 Reasons to visit Malta's grand harbor - festivals, Valetta

If you’re in Valetta at the opportune time, make sure to let your hair down at one of their vibrant festivals on the Valetta Waterfront. From the Malta Jazz Festival to the Malta Fireworks Festival, and the newly introduced Colour Fest, be sure to check out what’s on and join in the fun! The Valetta Waterfront is always hosting fun events for all age ranges, so you’re sure to catch some live music and find stalls to peruse for the best local goods. The Waterfront also doubles as a concert venue, so check out some fantastic local and international artists and get your groove on! If the live entertainment isn’t for you, don’t hesitate to check out the Forni Shopping Complex located in a historic eighteenth-century warehouse for a luxurious shopping experience. We think it is safe to say that the Valetta Waterfront is the gift that keeps on giving with something special for everyone.

Distinguished Delicacies

3 Reasons to visit Malta's grand harbor - distinguished delicacies

You’ve been exploring the sights of Malta and are in dire need of refuelling with some top-notch food. Boasting five restaurants having been awarded a Michelin Star, and twenty-six receiving either the Bib Gourmand or Michelin Plate Awards, you won’t have to look any further than the Grand Harbour for a gastronomical adventure. Even better, Malta has become such a multicultural hub in the Mediterranean that you will be utterly spoiled for choices with different cuisines from all around the globe at your fingertips. If fine dining isn’t for you, explore the street food in Malta and immerse yourself in the street culture like a local.

A Humble History

3 Reasons to visit Malta's grand harbor - A humble history

Explore the rich and expansive history that saw Malta persevere through many occupancies from Roman, to Arab, to French and then British rule, and that is only to name a few! With each change of power, a new culture influenced the previous, leaving Malta and the Grand Harbour scattered with a beautiful mix of architecture ranging from fourteenth-century military fortification to more modern structures. With Valletta more recently declared as the Capital City of Culture in Europe, no matter how many times you visit the Grand Harbour, there will always be much more to learn with each era of occupancy contributing a profound impact.

With the suburbs adjoining the Grand Harbour being home to nearly half the population of the Maltese Islands out together, it is clear why it has become a favourite place of the locals, showcasing some of the best experiences Malta has to offer. Make sure to visit and lose yourself in the grandeur!

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